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21 Days to Better Boundaries: A Guide to Setting Boundaries with Kindness + Compassion
Ann Weiser Cornell

21 Days to Better Boundaries: A Guide to Setting Boundaries with Kindness + Compassion

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An emotionally intelligent guide to setting boundaries with clarity, confidence, and kindness…

This powerful how-to approach to boundaries provides simple, effective guidance to help you know what you need, be confident that your needs matter, and get your needs met while having healthier, happier relationships. Plus, you’ll learn why saying no means saying yes to what you really want.

Good boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. We need them to thrive in our friendships, partnerships, and work life. We need them so we can be more fully ourselves. We also need them to be adaptable. And, we often struggle with knowing how to set boundaries – say no, or state what we need – without stepping on someone else’s toes or risking a relationship. That uncertainty can stop us from setting boundaries where we need them or cause us to sound harsher than we’d like.

One of the most influential teachers in the field of Focusing, Ann Weiser Cornell, shares a remarkably compassionate guide to setting the boundaries you need while creating healthy, happy relationships. If you’d like to set boundaries with kindness and compassion, this book is for you.

Filled with best practices from Focusing, a research-based, body-informed therapeutic technique for creating powerful life change,
21 Days to Better Boundaries helps you identify what you need, know that your needs matter (a lot), and explore kind ways you can communicate your needs to others.

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