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Everyday Genius
Kevin Flanagan

Everyday Genius

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Have you ever had an intuitive insight or gut feeling?

Behavioural science suggests that you may be accessing a deep intelligence whose origins are more mysterious than had previously been supposed. Coming from bestselling author Kevin Flanagan, “Every Day Genius,” gives readers invaluable insights into cutting edge research.

Professor Eugene Gendlin, the man who discovered Focusing, hailed this book as one of the best descriptions of the Focusing process he ever read. Focusing is the scientific method for accessing your intuitive inteligence.

This book shows how to access your inner “voice” so that you can deal with both emotional and everyday problems.

In the modern world we have lost the ability to listen to this inner “voice”; the voice that whispers solutions and offers guidance. This “voice” has been the subject of intense study by two of the world’s leading experts in behavioural science: Dr Carl Rogers and Professor Eugene Gendlin. Kevin Flanagan's book is full of exercises and advice inspired by them to help you.

This book has helped thousands of people to find their inner “voice” and has helped them to lead fuller lives.