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FOT: Focusing-Oriented Therapists
Whalen, Fleisch, Krycka, Preston, Klagsbrun, Grindler Katonah, Lee, Jaison, Nada Lou Productions

FOT: Focusing-Oriented Therapists

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2 DVDs - Disk # 1- 76 min. Disk # 2 - 80 min. Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT) is an emerging family of experiential psychotherapies based on the pioneering work of Eugene Gendlin. This process, which Gendlin named Focusing, is now considered to be the crux of therapeutic change and forward movement in psychotherapy.

Eight therapists present their unique applications of Focusing-Oriented work that were the basis of their study groups which were offered at the Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies First World Conference.

Karen Whalen Ph.D. and Glenn Fleisch Ph.D., MFT Wholebody Focusing Therapy, Kevin Krycka Psy.D. Finding your World Voice

Lynn Preston MA, MS. The new Us

Joan Klagsbrun Ph.D. and Doralee Grindler Katonah Psy.D., M.Div. Finding Doorways to Spirituality in Psychotherapy

Robert L. Lee Ph.D. Using Focusing in Working with Difficult Patterns anxiety, depression, obsession, disassociation, rage, terror

Bala Jaison Ph.D. Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy: Moving clients from insight to change.

Nada Lou Productions