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Senses of Focusing - Volume 1

Senses of Focusing - Volume 1

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This volume (volume Ι) is divided into seven sections, following an Introduction by Judy Moore. The sections begin with reconsidering Focusing and reconsidering the Felt Sense then expand into reflections on Focusing in different cultures and contexts, Focusing and Existential Challenges, developing new practices, different ‘takes’ on the body, and conclude with Body Mapping and Children Focusing. Of course, you can read the chapters and the abstracts of the chapters one-byone, in depth, at your own pace, but we thought that a general outline of volume Ι would also be useful for a quick ‘grasp’ of this volume’s ‘body’.

We usually speak about ‘our’ body, we take it as a given (a given to us and for us) but it is actually that which gives, an origin of giving-ness, a surplus of life, an excessiveness, inexhaustible fullness, essence of the world, life. We feel, we believe that sentience cannot be reduced to a concept; we feel that sensing is prior even to the usual modalities of sensory perceptions and representations, which always fail to depict its richness and its subtlety.

Nikolaos Kypriotakis & Judy Moore, Prologue

Contributors to this volume:

Sara Bradly, Ann Weiser Cornell, Frans Depestele, Akiko Doi, Akira Ikemi, Joan Klagsbrun, Nikolaos Kypriotakis, Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Sarah Luczaj, Greg Madison, Barbara McGavin, Kathy McGuire, Julian Miller, Claude Missiaen, Judy Moore, Tadayuki Murasato, Bart Santen, Astrid Schillings, Donata Schoeller, Ernesto Spinelli, Tine Swyngedouw, Hideo Tanaka, Alan Tidmarsh, Atsmaout Perlstein, Campbell Purton, Siebrecht Vanhooren, René Veugelers, Johannes Wiltschko, Jun Xu, Pavlos Zarogiannis

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(Eurasia Publications 2021)

568 pages