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Senses of Focusing Volume 2

Senses of Focusing Volume 2

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This, the second volume of Senses of Focusing, takes the explorations of the previous volume in new directions and again features Focusers from a range of cultures. Following an Introduction by Nikolaos Kypriotakis, the volume is divided into seven sections. The first of these is ‘Focusing, spirituality and dreams’ followed by a section on how ‘senses’ of Focusing operate across a variety of cultures in ‘individual lives and in therapeutic practice’. ‘Senses’ of Focusing as they relate to some of the Arts and Sciences, including neuroscience, are considered, as well as applications of Focusing in terms of Thinking at the Edge and ‘Ethics and decision-making’. The volume concludes with a section on the significance of Gendlin’s contribution to the Person-Centred Approach.

There is the absolutely best laboratory, as far as we know at least, in the whole cosmos, which you can have access to. Because the absolutely best laboratory in the whole cosmos, which has a direct line into whatever everything is, that’s a human being. And you have that with you. So anything that comes out of that laboratory has really great possibilities, even if it looks like a very small thing.

Gendlin's spoken words - Best laboratory 

Contributors to this volume:

Peter Afford, Stephanie Aspin, Friedgard Blob, Peter Campbell (with John Keane and David Young), Mick Cooper, Leslie Ellis, Isabel Gascón Juste, Svetlana Kutokova, Nikolaos Kypriotakis, Mia Leijssen, Monika Lindner, Nada Lou, Anna Magee, Judy Moore, Salvador Moreno-López, Tomonori Motoyama, Jenny Newman, Rob Parker, Fiona Parr, Michael Seibel, Yael Teff-Seker, Brian Thorne, Satoko Tokumaru, Zoe Voulgaraki, Greg Walkerden, Jen White

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(Eurasia Publications 2021)