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The FOLIO (Volume 27, Number 1, 2016) Potpourri Part 2
The International Focusing Institute - Edited by Bala Jaison, Ph.D. and Paula Nowick, Ed.D.

The FOLIO (Volume 27, Number 1, 2016) Potpourri Part 2

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A Potpourri of 13 articles on various topics. 

1. Understanding Sensory Motor Amnesia: A combination of Focusing and Touch by Jack Blackburn

2. A Trio of Dreams - T. M. Cuijpers-Kessels

3. TAME: The Evolutionary Tale of How We Came to Work at Multiple Edges - Barbara Dickinson, Margaret Herrick

4. Beyond the Boundaries of our Skin - Extending our Felt Sense - Annmarie Early

5. Finding Wholeness in What Has Been Shattered - Integrating Focusing into a Holistic Medical Practice - Dawn Flynn

6. Benefits of Focusing and Other Reflective Practices in the Workplace - Charles Herr

7. Touching the Soul: A Sexual Dilemma - Bala Jaison

8. Between Stops - Robin Kappy

9. Focusing and Teenagers: A Research Project Based on Sequenced Graphic Expression - Luis Lopez Gonzalez, Carlos Gonzalez, Ines Zubeldia, Txemi Santamaria, Caroline Copestake

10. Resonant Sensing for Peace: Listening to our Planetary Being - Eric Lorup, Bruce Nayowith

11. Focusing with the Stresses of Everyday Life - Salvador Moreno-Lopez

12. Turning Oy to Joy : A Thank You Letter to the Felt Sense - Steve Moscovitch

13. Experiencing Philosophy - Anna Willman

Paperback 101 pages