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The Power of the Felt Sense
Joan Klagsbrun, PhD

The Power of the Felt Sense

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Do you have clients who seem to live in their heads and have a hard time sensing inside themselves?

Focusing is a process that helps clients speak from their feelings, rather than about them. It teaches clients to listen to their body’s signals, bypassing defenses and accessing the implicit body wisdom of their “felt sense.”

Focusing can be easily integrated into sessions or used as an everyday life practice that gently brings emotional issues into fuller awareness.

This purchase is for the online CE Test and CE Certificate only. It does not include the CD/DVD, streaming or download products.  

If you do not wish to take this CE Test online, please print the PDF located on Disc One of your product.

  1. Describe the benefits of integrating Focusing into psychotherapy to improve the understanding of feelings and emotions in clients.
  2. Develop an attitude of compassion when identifying feelings to improve client engagement with the therapeutic process.
  3. Explain the essential concepts of Focusing as it relates to clinical practice.
  4. Consider the value of clearing a space in order to foster mindfulness and identify issues that may benefit from Focusing.
  5. Outline the instructions for guiding clients in Focusing, and assess the effectiveness of Focusing as it relates to specific emotional problems to determine the most appropriate means of integration.
  6. Identify further resources for Focusing and describe the benefits of partner-based Focusing for therapists to reduce stress and improve therapist engagement with clients.